Internet Fraud Network

A Internet Fraud network has been broken in Malaga which possessed banking data of 20,000 users. The brain of the plot is a Moroccan 19 year old expert in telecommunications, he is sought after on an international level for internet fraud. He had controlled identical pages to those of the banks and webs that offered charges of mobile phone recharges at a low price. He was arrested yesterday in Fuengirola by the Guardia Civil. The operation known as “Sirulo” operated between Malaga and Navarra, the police have arrested 6 people in total all from Morocco. The band operated a series of websites promoting cheap mobile recharges and in this way obtained the users banking details. The fraudulent web pages owned by them are,,,, ,,,,Although these sites have a resemblance to the real sites none of them are linked to banks or well known telephone companies.

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