Open Air Drug Markets

The busts were part of a project called "Operation Christmas Cleanup," which included ABC detectives, High Point police, Alcohol Law Enforcement agents and Housing Authority units. During the bust, agents targeted 12 stores they called "open air drug markets" where residents had complained that people were buying and selling drugs while the property owners and clerks did nothing.
Undercover ALE agents tried to buy drugs in each of the parking lots on Dec. 14, in view of the store clerks when possible.
Eight arrests were made at five locations, which all will be reported to the ABC Commission.
The locations were:
l Pantry Shop #1 at 2700 Lexington Ave.
l Pantry Shop #2 at 2921 Kivett Drive
l East Green Grocery at 1924 E. Green Drive
l Daniel Brooks Town Store at 400 Henley St. and
l Terry's Discount Grocery at 1020 S. Main St.
High Point police officials said they also checked a convenience store on North Main Street that was a problem last year, with the parking lot full of cruisers and crowds socializing.
This year, there were only people pumping gasoline. Police said the difference can be attributed to the store's owner taking care of the parking lot.

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