Dana H. Davis

Dana H. Davis, 46, on Sept. 17 investigated for a stolen car when they detected a “strong, pungent odor” consistent with the production of methamphetamine, Licking County Assistant Prosecutor Duke Frost said during today’s hearing.
The Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force was called in and ingredients, including anhydrous ammonia and peeled batteries, were found in a locked shed near Davis’ 152 Irving Wick Drive, Lot 55, trailer, Frost continued. Inside of a locked safe in his trailer, CODE-TF detectives discovered 6.81 grams of methamphetamine, documents on how to produce the illegal substance, cutting agents and $1,004.
Before his two-day trial was to begin this morning, Davis changed his plea on charges of illegal manufacture of methamphetamine in the vicinity of a juvenile, a first-degree felony; illegal assembly or manufacture for the possession of methamphetamine in the vicinity of a juvenile, a first-degree felony; and aggravated possession of methamphetamine, a fifth-degree felony, with a money forfeiture specification.
The defendant and his attorney Harry Panitch said Davis had turned a corner in his life.
Davis told Marcelain that he had once been a contributing member of society as an owner of a small business and, thanks to programs offered at the Licking County Justice Center, he was feeling like he was back in charge after years of submission to his methamphetamine addiction.
“I haven’t felt like this in I couldn’t tell you how long,” he said.
Frost said the defense was ignoring Davis’ criminal history.
“Let’s be clear,” Frost said. “What he’s offering the community is the manufacture of drugs. ...The state feels he’s one of the bad guys.”

Marcelain noted Davis was convicted in Preble County in October 2006 for trafficking and producing methamphetamine as well. He was sentenced to the minimum two years — the case is being appealed — and has not served a day, he said.
“How could another minimum sentence be considered justice?” the judge asked Davis.
Due to his past conviction, the lightest Marcelain could have imposed would have been five years, Frost, who asked for at least an eight-year term, said.
A representative of CODE-TF, who asked to remain anonymous in the media, told Marcelain that Davis’ drug factory was especially heinous because of its location in a crowded housing area.
“(The production of methamphetamine) not only endangers the individual, but anyone in the vicinity ... The possibility of explosion and fire is very high,” he said.
Frost said the juvenile specification applied because a young girl lived in a neighboring trailer within 100 feet of the methamphetamine production.
The $1,004 that was seized will be forfeited to the task force, said Common Pleas Judge Thomas Marcelai

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