Drugs with a street valued of £1,400 seized

3 men were arrested and drugs with a street valued of £1,400 seized during an operation at Evesham railway station on Friday evening.
Cocaine and heroin were recovered from two locations after one man was arrested on the northbound platform shortly after the departure of what had been the 5.45pm arrival from London.
Two others are believed to have fled down the railway track. The police helicopter was called in and they were later arrested near the Tesco store on Worcester Road, just a few hundred yards away.
"These important arrests reflect the ongoing work in tackling those who would seek to bring illicit drugs into south Worcestershire," said police spokesman Richard Bull. "The clear message is that weare always here to challenge and counter this type of criminal."
Police also want to hear from anyone who was on the Worcester to Evesham train which arrived about 6pm, as they believe the man arrested at the station may have been behaving suspiciously on the journey.

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