Wayne Carey was a drunken thug

Wayne Carey was a drunken thug, using his head as a battering ram and had "anger management issues", a Miami police officer said today.
Miami Police Lieutenant Bill Schwartz said Carey was a "mess'' and should have left his aggression on the football field. Instead he used "his famous foot" to kick an officers in the mouth.
"I doubt in a case like this extradition will be forced, however, I'm sure that the cops with the sore faces and fat lips would like to see it.''
Carey's girlfriend Kate Neilsen told police the former football great turned commentator had smashed a wine glass on her face.

"It looks as though that he used his wine glass to try to knock out his girlfriend, his foot and elbow to try to knock out some cops and his head to try to knock out a police car,'' Lt Schwartz said.
He said the officers did not know who Carey was then.
"To us, he was just another thug.''
Lt Schwartz said if found guilty of the charges, each penalty could be up to 15 years in jail.
"If he is convicted, he could face some serious time,'' he said.
While Carey is scheduled to appear in court in Miami next month, it is unlikely authorities will spend the money to extradite him if he fails to show.
"The young woman had lacerations to her mouth and her neck, apparently she had been hit in the face with a wine glass,'' Lt Schwartz told the Nine Network.
"She told us Mr Carey had done this.
"When officers went and spoke to him, he immediately was belligerent, starting striking out at the officers, in fact, kicked one of the officers in the face with his foot, elbowed another one in the side of the face.
"They had to wrestle him down and handcuff him.
"When he was in the police car, he used his head as a battering ram and tried to smash a hole between the front compartment of the police car and the prisoner compartment.
"If he had just co-operated with the officers, this would have probably been a lot simpler matter, but by attacking the officers, he multiplied his problems by a thousand times.''
Lt Schwartz told 3AW that Carey had been aggressive from the moment they responded to a call for help from his girlfriend, Kate Neilson.
With lacerations across her face, Neilson had told officers Carey had smashed a glass on her face.
"Mr Carey became belligerent when we approached him - in fact, he ended up kicking one of our officers in the mouth with his famous foot," Lt Schwartz said.
"He struck another officer in the side of the head with his elbow and he had to be subdued.
"Then once he was handcuffed and in the police car, he took his head and tried to bash a hole in the partition between the prisoner's side and the officer's.
"Clearly Mr Carey has anger management issues and he seemed to be upset with the entire world that particular morning.
"I think the main injury was to the reputation of one of Australia's finest athletes."
Miami Police detective Delrish Moss said, to stop Carey hurting himself and damaging the car, the officers put him into a hobble restraint.
"Basically what that is, is a leather strap that's tied around his leg and his hands, the end of it is then put outside of a closed car door where the restraint restricts some of his movement so he can't move back and forth or side to side,'' the US police detective said.
"That way, he doesn't hit his head and he doesn't cause himself any harm.''
Det Moss said police were called to the Brickell Bay condominium complex, known as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, on the upmarket Brickell Key island in central Miami just after midnight on October 27.
"(Kate Neilson) did have lacerations and bruises that were consistent with some sort of struggle and having been struck,'' he said.
Though he didn't have any tests for intoxication, Det Moss said Carey was "drunk and did smell of alcohol''.
Det Moss said Carey was charged with assault on a public servant, aggravated battery and resisting arrest with violence.
The first two charges carry jail terms of up to 15 years in prison, and the third up to five years in jail, he said.
Each charge also carries a fine of up to $10,000.

Carey is due to face the Miami-Dade County Court on February 15, and faces possible extradition from Australia if he fails to appear.

Meanwhile, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said police were still investigating an incident involving Carey in Port Melbourne on Sunday night.

"That matter's still undergoing investigation and we haven't completed that yet,'' she told ABC radio.

"The police are conducting a range of investigations around

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