Emperors Club VIP.seven-diamond woman arrested

Four organizers and managers of an international ring were arrested after they ranked prostitutes on a Web site with one to seven diamonds -- charging wealthy clients $2,000 extra for a seven-diamond woman, prosecutors said Thursday.U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia announced that charges were unsealed in Manhattan accusing the four of participating in a prostitution ring that called itself Emperors Club VIP.Authorities said the defendants arranged connections between wealthy men and more than 50 prostitutes in New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, London and Paris. Clients paid between $1,000 and $5,500 per hour for services.The defendants were charged with conspiracy to violate federal prostitution laws. Two of those charged were also accused of conspiring to launder more than $1 million in illicit proceeds from the prostitution crimes.All four were arrested Thursday morning and were expected to make an initial court appearance later in the day. Welcome to the only social introduction service providing exclusive, beautiful,
educated companions of fine family and career backgrounds to those accustomed to
excellence. We act for a select group of educated, refined and successful
international clients who give their best in all they do and who, in return,
only wish to receive the best. Our especially unique introductions offer a
sincere connection while providing you with the freedom of private, risk-free
dating and companionship without long-term-commitment intricacies.
We specialize in marketing fashion models, pageant winners and exquisite
students, graduates and women of successful careers (finance, art, media etc…)
to leading gentlemen of the world. Catering to clients who will not compromise
in any area of their life. We provide our customers and associates with complete
discretion and privacy while we guarantee the most exclusively valuable dating
and travel companionship.
You can be certain that each Emperors Club model introduction experience, while
it may be novel for you, will be one of complete enjoyment in every way. Each of
our companions is not only beautiful, but also a product of an exceptionally
fine background, well - educated and an accomplished success in her right. Our
meticulous standards of beauty, intelligence, presentation and charm ensure that
you always encounter the high quality you’ve come to expect in a woman, when
with an Emperors’ Club model. Access to our exquisite array of carefully selected companions and the ways in
which you choose to spend your time together make for wonderful elements of
surprise, diversity, adventure and excitement. We reliably find the absolute
best available, as ours are honorable, exclusive introductions meant to surpass
even the highest expectations. When seeking an evening date, a weekend travel
companion, or a friend to accompany you to your next business or social event
our models are perfect preference.The descriptions and photos of each model presented in our portfolio are recent
and accurate. This gives you the necessary confidence of assessment when
requesting to meet any specific model. The poses intentionally conceal their
faces to ensure public discretion and privacy for both of you when dating.
You'll appreciate that our introduction models are: Successful. Classy. Elite.
Their private dating lives should remain so; hence they cannot post their faces
on any dating / introduction sites featured on the world wide web. This ensures
both of your privacy and discretion when dating and traveling.As a person of immense financial and influential affluence, your privacy is
sacred to all aspects of your life. As a private, international club
specializing in catering to the needs of the worlds most financially and
culturally elite, privacy and discretion are paramount objectives in everything
we do. All rendezvous are individually crafted to suit the needs of your specific
occasion. Be sure to reserve your arrangements in advance as each model has
place in her schedule for a very select number of dates per month due to
university / career commitments - Their exceptionally high exclusivity ensures
that your occasion will be special for both of you.

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