William Donald Collins,arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine

William Donald Collins, 24, of Summersville, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute (a class B felony) after deputies conducted a massive manhunt in the woods at the end of County Road 7400, south of Newburg.Phelps County deputies arrested a Summersville man Thursday morning after he ran into the woods with three other suspects who fled from a deputy who attempted to stop their car for a traffic violation in connection with a missing license plate.According to a spokesperson for the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department, Collins was a passenger in a white, two-door, 1990’s model Chevrolet. A pursuit ensued when the car sped away, traveling south on State Highway T at 9:30 a.m.The deputy saw the occupants of the car throwing items out of the window.As the car turned off the highway and east onto County Road 7400, one passenger jumped out and ran into the woodsThree other passengers remained in the car and tried to outdrive the deputy, but the road came to a dead-end. The driver of the car tried to continue on an old fire trail, but the car became mired in mud.The remaining three suspects jumped out of the car and ran into the woods.The pursuit lasted 15 minutes.A massive manhunt followed the pursuit with up to 12 Phelps County deputies scouring the woods for the fugitives.In approximately one hour, deputies caught and arrested Collins as he walked through the woods.Of the remaining three suspects, two have been identified but not found. Warrants are being sought on Gregory Scott Bates, 40, of Alton, Mo. and Joshua Harris, 26, of West Plains.One suspect remains unidentified.The items tossed out the window included a plastic bag containing methamphetamine.Collins was released Friday to the Missouri Department of Corrections for a parole violation, pending Phelps County charges.The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department is asking for help in locating the three fugitives.

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