Ronnie and Reggie Kray paintings under the hammer at Hampshire Auctions

Seven landscapes and one seascape painted by the twins during art classes at HMP Parkhurst and Broadmoor went under the hammer at Hampshire Auctions in Andover as part of a private sale by an anonymous vendor.Eight paintings produced by the east London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray while in prison for murder sold for a combined total of £12,200 at auction today.An image of the two convicted murderers crossing a field in top hats and tail coats sold for £1,850, the highest price of any of the Kray paintings on the day. One 1971 painting of a stormy sea by Reggie Kray, which has echoes of the Japanese Edo period painter Hokusai, sold for £1,800. A portrait of the brothers signed by them and painted by Graham Young, a fellow inmate at Parkhurst who was serving time for murder, fetched £2,700. Other paintings by the Krays showed two men fishing by a lake, a country cottage, a country lane and a church on a hill. In two canvases the brothers painted the initials R R onto gateposts and signposts.The paintings outstripped the estimated sale value of £500 to £800 each. A spokesman for the auction house said nine phone bidders had driven up the prices, with one buyer taking four paintings.A copy of a book about the gangster brothers, signed by their colleague "Mad" Frankie Fraser and dedicated to a woman called Angela as thanks for looking after one of the twins, was also sold.
One hundred items from the twins' belongings were auctioned last month, including jewellery, letters, photos and clothing. They included Ronnie's trademark sunglasses, pictures from Reggie's 1965 wedding, suits, and a diamond-encrusted ring emblazoned with the name Ron.The auction house said it was planning a second sale of paintings by the Kray twins.

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