Andre Francis Remekie was stopped May 8 at a Langley gas station

Andre Francis Remekie was stopped May 8 at a Langley gas station by the uniformed component of the task force.“He was checked along with a well-known Lower Mainland gang associate,” Kirk said. “And he was found to have a warrant out of Edmonton for trafficking in cocaine.”The Vancouver Sun has learned that Remekie was with Sandip Singh (Dip) Duhre, a former associate of the late Bindy Johal who had been living out of province since two attempts were made on his life.Duhre and his brother Balraj were both targeted in shootings twice in 2005, with Balraj being wounded in a Vietnamese restaurant in east Vancouver.Sandip escaped injury when his car was sprayed with gunfire at a Surrey convenience store in May 2005, but his friend Dean Mohamed Elshamy was killed.In July 2005, both Balraj and Sandip were shot at as they drove through east Vancouver. Their bullet-proof sedan saved their lives.The fact such a connected B.C. gangster was in the presence of an accused trafficker from Alberta shows the networking ability of Metro Vancouver gangs, Kirk said.“We are fully aware that groups operating in this province have interprovincial connections,” he said.Kirk said the IGTF is going to use whatever means it can to make those involved in gangs accountable for their actions.“The use of Con Air to send this accused person to Alberta highlights the creative methods we are employing,” Kirk said.He said Remekie’s warrant was originally only for the Edmonton area, but police there agreed to extend it to B.C. so the accused could be arrested and sent back.Remekie, 28, was charged in Fort McMurray in 2004 with trafficking crack cocaine and possessing proceeds of crime.He was also charged with trafficking in Edmonton in 2000 after he and three associates were stopped in vehicle in which police say they found pot packaged for sale, a sawed-off shotgun, cash and several cellphones.Con Air was started by the Vancouver Police Department to fly accused criminals back to the jurisdictions in which they were facing charges. The program has since been adopted by other police departments and received an operating grant from the provincial government.

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