Vinh Truong is out on $25,000 bail.

Police arrested Truong on Wednesday, charging him in connection with a shooting in Sandstone on New Year's Eve 2007.In the incident, disguised gunmen walked up to a jeep and opened fire on two men who both survived.The Calgary Sun reports, one of the men who escaped injury in that attack was Matthew Chubak. Police had pegged him as an associate of the "Fresh off the Boat" gang.Chubak was killed in January. The charges against Truong come on the heels of four men accused of attempted murder after a shooting in Chinatown last November.purported gang member charged in connection with a New Year’s Eve 2007 shooting has been released on bail.Justice of the Peace Will Shiplett today agreed to free Vinh Truong pending trial on two attempted murder charges and an allegation of discharging a firearm with intent to endanger life.Shiplett agreed with defence lawyer Charlie Stewart to release Truong on a $25,000, non-cash bail, providing his parents post a surety to ensure his attendance in court.Crown prosecutor Brian Holtby opposed Truong’s release, arguing his detention was necessary for the protection, or safety of the general public.
Truong was arrested Wednesday and charged in connection with a Dec. 31, 2007, shooting in Sandstone, where disguised gunmen walked up to a Jeep and opened fire, riddling it with near two dozen bullets.One of the two men who escaped injury in the attack was Matthew Chubak — said to be an associate of the Fresh off the Boat gang — who was slain this past January.Chubak was also one of the targets of an alleged attempted murder last Nov. 16, in Chinatown, when four men in a car were shot at.
The other man who escaped injury in the Sandstone shooting is said to be a gang associate who was shot while with gangster Roger Chin at a Falconridge gas bar about two months later. In July 2008, 23-year-old Chin was gunned down in a deadly drive-by on Centre St. N.Although police have made many recent inroads in the fight against gangs — seizing drugs, firearms and ammunition as well as keeping tabs on them while they are in the community pending upcoming court charges — arrests for more serious crimes are relatively rare.The charges against Truong on the heels of four men being accused of attempted murder after a November 2008 shootout in Chinatown.That case is still before the courts.Truong returns to court on June 11, when Holtby is supposed to present Stewart with Crown disclosure

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