Member of John Gilligan's drug gang was a key player in the 'Park West Bloodbath'.

The criminal, aged 35 and from Ballyfermot, sustained a hand injury in the 20-man melee which led to the murder of British gangster Jason Lee Martin last Sunday.
The Herald understands the man, who is a gangland enforcer and has a number of previous convictions, sustained a bite wound to his hand in the fight at Park West Road.Gardai have identified him as being present at the scene, with a relative. It is understood he may have been friendly with Martin, and had been a criminal contact of the Briton for a number of years.The Ballyfermot man was a close associate of both John Gilligan and Brian Meehan in the 1990s, and was regarded by gardai as a central member of the Gilligan crime gang, the outfit behind the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin.He is not believed to have had involvement in the journalist's murder, despite his friendship with killer Brian Meehan.After the jailing of Gilligan and Meehan in the 1990s, he operated on his own, and is also suspected of carrying out attacks on criminals who owed him protection money.
He remains a target for the garda Organised Crime Unit in southwest Dublin.
Gardai are investigating whether the Ballyfermot man helped Jason Lee Martin hide out, after the Manchester criminal left the UK eight weeks ago. Martin was wanted for questioning over the kidnap of a building contractor in Lancashire, on August 1 last.Days before that incident he had been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman in the city. She withdrew the allegations, but the Herald understands Martin told his family he was leaving the UK for Spain following that arrest. He is believed to have spent eight weeks hiding in Dublin, where he attended the Bernard Dunne fight in the O2 last Saturday night with a group of Ballyfermot criminals.
The group returned to Hennigen's bar on Park West Road, where a fight between two men took place in the car, which led to around 20 others brawling. Martin sustained a fatal stab wound, and another man, in his 20s from Tallaght, was seriously injured.
Gardai have issued an appeal for taxi drivers who were in the area at 1.50am last Sunday to contact them.

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