Eto’o vindicated in Senegal prostitute scandal

The saga involving Indomitable Lions players and its captain, Samuel Eto’o Fils, about sleeping with prostitutes before their game in Senegal might just be false.

This is the information that made its round in local Cameroon press, justifying the Lions’ debacle against the Teranga Lions in Dakar.

According to the story, the captain and players of the Indomitable Lions had been provided with prostitute before their game in March. The prostitutes were reportedly arranged by Senegalese officials in order to destabilize the Cameroonian players ahead of the crucial game in Dakar.

An administrative Director of the team, Nguidjol Nlend, is quoted to have accused the Senegalese officials in an interview granted local Cameroonian tabloid, Le Messager.

But the Senegalese football federation officials have refuted the claims, insisting that the story is false and is aimed at denting the image of Senegalese federation and perturb the cordial relationship between that of Cameroon and Senegal. The Senegalese officials insisted that they did all to ensure the security of the Lions.

Louis Lamotte, vice president of the Senegalese football federation who was in charge of the organization, said everything went well for the encounter. According to him, Cameroonian football officials did not lodge any complaints after the match about any wrong doing. This rebuttal has come to somewhat redeem the image of the team, especially that of its captain, Eto’o.

Since the Cameroon-Senegal match on June 4 in Yaounde appears to be the most crucial game for the Lions in recent times, such allegations are important in dissuading fans from turning out on the pitch en masse. But Cameroon officials are reportedly doing everything to assure the security of the visiting team.

Recently, Cameroon’s ace footballer and current Roving Ambassador, Albert Roger Milla, assured that the Senegalese delegation coming for the match will be well received. He was apparently assuaging fears that the environment might not be conducive for the visiting Senegalese delegation. Milla emphasized that everything has been put in place to assure a good reception of the Senegalese delegation.


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