Leslie Adgar,Jon Patton admitted conspiring to distribute cocaine and heroin

Former Delta employee Leslie Adgar, 42, and one of the former TSA workers, 44-year-old Jon Patton, admitted conspiring to distribute cocaine and heroin.Andre Mays, 24, the other ex-TSA worker, pleaded guilty to entering a secure airport area in violation of screening requirements.Sentencing is scheduled for Sept. 17. Adgar and Patton face a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Mays could receive up to a year.Prosecutors said a confidential source working for the Drug Enforcement Administration arranged in December to smuggle two kilograms of what was purported to be cocaine to New York in luggage carried past security in Atlanta and onto a Delta flight in exchange for $8,000.Two subsequent arrangements were made in January and February involving shipments of fake cocaine or heroin from Atlanta to New York, U.S. Attorney David E. Nahmias said.Rodney G. Benson, in charge of the DEA in Atlanta, said the three "were aggressively investigated for abusing their positions of trust as TSA and Delta employees.""Such misconduct undermines the efforts of law enforcement officers who work so hard to keep our airports safe from the dangerous substances these individuals were attempting to smuggle," Benson said.

William David Wallader acquitted

William David Wallader, 62, was serving a minimum six-month jail term after being found guilty in May.The Court of Appeal in Brisbane has acquitted a former financial adviser, jailed for possessing counterfeit US treasury bonds worth $1.3 billion.
His trial heard he was negotiating the sale of the fake bonds to the Turkish Government when he was arrested. The court is yet to publish its reasons, but in a short hearing this morning allowed the appeal.
Mr Wallader is expected to be released today.


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