3 billion Euros siezed

Police and Civil Guard authorities seized more than 3 billion euros in cash and properties in the more than 100 corruption and money laundering investigations that were underway last year, the Interior Ministry has reported. The total sum which is 50 times higher than property confiscated in 2005 would be able to finance the budgets of the municipalities of Barcelona, Valencia and Seville for one year, the Ministry said. In all, 589 people were arrested during these operations last year, while more than 100 were charged in relation with public corruption schemes. Hundreds of homes, 300 farms, 24 businesses, 686 vehicles, 133 pure-bred horses, 200 fighting bulls and one helicopter were among the items seized in 125 inquiries last year. The largest confiscation was held in Marbella in the Malaya case. The Ministry has decided to set up a special squad to deal specifically with local government corruption cases, given their recent increase.

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