Kurt D. Elias, 35, of Wellsburg, West Virginia.
According to the criminal complaint, Elias, using the screen name "lonelyman0707," initially approached the girl in an Internet chat room on January 23, 2007. The "girl" was actually an undercover agent from the Child Predator Unit who was using the online profile of a 13-year old child.
Corbett said that during their initial chat, Elias allegedly confirmed the girl's age and identified himself as a 35-year old man from southwestern Pennsylvania, stating that he was looking for someone "who isn't afraid to meet and cuddle with," adding that "it's risky with your age."
According to the criminal charges, Elias quickly turned the chat toward sexual topics and proposed a face-to-face meeting with the girl, asking if he could tie her up and describing the various sex acts he wished to perform. Later, Elias allegedly told the girl "we could be secret lovers" and added that "your first is going to be awesome."
Corbett said that immediately following their initial chat, Elias allegedly used a photo-sharing program to send three nude photographs to the child.
The criminal charges state that over the next several weeks Elias engaged in a series of chats with the child, repeatedly proposing that they meet and describing in graphic detail the sex acts he wished to perform with the girl.

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