Broderick Jones ,Darek Haynes ,Eural Black

Eural Black was sentenced on Thursday to 40 years in prison, colleague Broderick Jones received 25 years, and ex-cop Darek Haynes received 19 years.
"You and your merry band essentially raped and plundered entire neighborhoods," U.S. District Judge Ronald A. Guzman said in sentencing Jones, admitted leader of the ring.
Black the only one of the three who didn't plead guilty and was convicted at a jury trial got the mandatory minimum because he was found guilty of two gun charges.
A joint FBI and Chicago police investigation of the ring in 2005 led to charges against the former officers and five alleged drug dealers, the Associated Press reported.
Prosecutors said the drug dealers tipped off Jones to where police could steal drugs, adding the accused policemen would then raid the place and instead of arresting drug dealers, resold the drugs.

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