William White,Jose R. Silva ,Justen Kasperzyk

Jose R. Silva had been allowed to plead guilty three months ago to one count of deprivation of individual rights as a result of what authorities determined to be his relatively minor role in the police misconduct. He was sentenced by Senior U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas.Federal prosecutors said in court in Bridgeport Monday that Silva was implicated in crimes with former Detective Justen Kasperzyk. Both men reported to White.
Silva was one of six men caught in a joint state-federal investigation that focused on the city police department's narcotics unit and the principals in a family-owned, New Haven area bail bond business.
Former police Lieutenant William White, the one-time head of the city narcotics squad and the senior figure implicated in the law enforcement sting, has admitted stealing tens of thousands of dollars of what he thought was drug money and taking thousands more in bribes from the bail bondsmen. He pleaded guilty to theft and bribery conspiracy and could be sentenced to four years in prison later this month.

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