Ashley Ervin, 18, was automatically sentenced to life

Ashley Ervin, 18, was automatically sentenced to life without parole for her part in the May 26, 2006 death of Brady Davis, 61. She was driving the getaway car for Dexter Johnson and Keithron Fields, also charged with capital murder.
Investigators said Johnson, 19, and Fields,18, attacked Davis while he was cleaning a barbecue grill at a carwash in the 11300 block of Homestead near Little York. He was later found down beside his truck, dead from a single gunshot wound.
In his closing arguments, Ervin's attorney, Mike Monk, said Ervin didn't intend to be part of a robbery and murder.He said she was an honor student who fell in with the wrong crowd.Because she was 17 at the time of the offense, she wasn't eligible for the death penalty, said prosecutor Lisa Andrews.Davis's death was one of four that summer that police have linked to Ervin, Johnson and Fields.In one of the cases, Johnson and Fields were convicted in the carjacking murders of Maria Aparece and Huy Ngo. Two other suspects, Timothy Randle, 20, and a juvenile, were arrested in the June 18 incident where Aparece was raped before the couple were forced out of the car and into the woods, where they were shot in the head.
Fields was convicted in September and sentenced to life in prison.
Johnson, the alleged ringleader of the group, was sentenced in June to die for the double murder.Also implicated in the crime spree, which includes the shooting death of Jose Lopez, found in the 6900 block of Annunciation, is Alvie Butler, 23, who faces trial next week, Andrews said.Randle is also awaiting trial, while prosecutors have not charged the juvenile.

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