Rakesh Gupta murdered

Police is yet to find out any motive behind the murder of Shrachi Group top official Rakesh Gupta. Forty eight hours have passed but no arrests have yet been made. Gupta was found murdered on Sunday beside a pond, stuffed in a sack.
A CID team today visited the murder spot. Later, they also interrogated a staff of Shrachi Group who worked under Gupta. Some of his relatives were also questioned.
An officer said that the CID team is also trying to find out who Gupta met on the day of his death. They are investigating whether any financial transaction could be a motive behind his murder. Five teams of policemen have been formed to the hasten the investigation.
Meanwhile, Babita Gupta, widow of Rakesh is ailing. She is pregnant and the news of her husband's has clearly traumatised her. Rakesh's mother, Mrs Kamala Devi Gupta is also said to be ill. “He was an honest man and loved everybody. He never even used harsh language. We are waiting for justice,” said a relative of Gupta.

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