Gang Targets in Operation Axe Montreal-based street gangs and Hells Angels

Targeted in Operation Axe, following a lengthy investigation into drug trafficking in Montreal, Ottawa and Kingston, Ont., and targets both dealers and gang leaders who is an influential member of the Hells Angels former underling network who is currently serving time at a penitentiary in Kingston.The inmate is serving time for offences that took place during the biker gang war in the1990s, but he is now facing new charges related to the current investigation which targeted at least two major Montreal-based street gangs.The inmate was scheduled to have a parole hearing in the coming weeks.Another inmate at a federal penitentiary, the Leclerc Institution in Laval, is also expected to be placed under arrest.In executing search warrants Thursday, the police hope to seize drugs and firearms.Some of the people targeted in the operation are currently in jail

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