Ian "Blink" McDonald has been banned from every prison in Scotland.

Ian "Blink" McDonald has been banned from every prison in Scotland. The bank robber was blacklisted after he hurled abuse at a warder while visiting a murderer friend in jail. A source said: "Blink's still got a lot of friends in prison and some of them are serving long sentences. "He's gutted he won't be able to visit them and was furious when he was told he's banned from every prison. "He's spent half his life trying to stay out of jail, now he can't get in...but he isn't seeing the funny side. "He'll have to get another conviction before he manages to see his old pals anytime soon." McDonald, 47, was visiting a pal with Paisley gangster Grant Mackintosh when the bust-up happened at Glenochil Prison, near Stirling. Mackintosh recognised a warden he had a run-in with while serving time in Glenochil almost 20 years ago. The officer burst into tears when the pair targeted him for threats and abuse. McDonald was arrested and fined £200 for breach of the peace following the incident in October. Bosses barred him from all 16 Scottish Prison Service jails after a meeting which pin - pointed potential troublemakers. They have in formed McDonald he will not be able to visit any of his banged-up cronies. McDonald was jailed for 16 years in 1992 following a botched £6million bank robbery in Torquay. A teller was shot in the head during the raid. McDonald was released after 10 years.
He was also sentenced to six months for assaulting a prison officer while on remand in Barlinnie in 1986 for attempted murder. The SPS said: "Intelligence is sent to each governor each time there is a incident with a visitor. "It's at the governor's discretion whether to refuse someone entry."

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